Figure Skating

The Figure Skating Sports

The sport of figure skating is a widely anticipated event where skaters are judged according to their routines that showcase their skating technique, style, and athleticism. It is a sport that involves a ton of skill, and a lot of times it is overlooked when compared to other sports.

Figure skaters have the ability of making their routines look effortless to the audience. This can be good and bad, because the good is it looks so good, but the bad is people might have the false sense of thinking they are not trying too much. Their routines, however, are far from easy. If they perform it perfectly for the audience and the judges, then it is with a lot of sweat, pain, and hours of practice that they are able to achieve this.

New skaters who are keen to compete are encouraged to learn and practice the various moves in figure skating. These include the basic jumps spins, steps, turns, and lifts that are often seen in figure skating routines.

One of the most popular moves that have crowds holding their breath is the jump. A jump requires a skater to leap in the air, spin a number of times, before landing back on the ice. Being one of the most difficult moves, skaters actually practice this in a gym before executing it on the ice.

Another required move during a routine is the spin. A spin requires the skater to rotate quickly on the ball of the foot. There are many variations to the spin – some spin with both legs on the ice, others, with one leg. The arms are also used to make the skater rotate faster as well as to emphasize their movement.

Figure skating as a pair requires lifts to be performed. This is where the man lifts the woman while skating. There are many ways to interpret lifts and these moves are one of the most anticipated during a performance.

Lifts are one of the hardest moves and can involve a lot of falling down and bruising. In order to minimize these injuries, lifts are practiced at the gym before on the ice.

Skating is one of the hardest sports to master. It involves strength, grace, flexibility, and balance. Many years of practice and training are required to perfect moves and routines. Figure skaters should be lauded for their hard work and the next time you attend a figure skating event, make sure to give them a huge round of applause.